CNBC No Longer Sucks

CNBC no longer sucks.  The CNBC of 2013 is not the CNBC of 2008.  People change, and so do cable networks.  Scott Wapner is an outstanding business news anchor, and there are other professionals at CNBC who now make some of its programming quite compelling.  It made no sense to keep up the content of this blog.  CNBC may suck again someday, but if so, it will be an issue for others to take up.

Beyond the improvement at CNBC, Kevin and Marina Krim are beacons of inspiration for us all.  Just as the depth of sorrow that the Krims experienced was unimaginable, so too must be their courage, love, and strength of character to move forward so gracefully in their lives.  If the Krims can overcome such magnitude of tragedy, then surely the rest of us can more bravely face the challenges that we face in our own lives.  Good luck always to the Krims, and please support their Lulu & Leo Fund.